VRT600 Ventilation Fan Controller

The VRT600 ventilation fan controller is designed to control a ventilation fan in coordination with monitoring the transformer temperature.  It contains 1 contact to enable remote control of the fans, and another 2 FAN input lines @ 230VAC, 15A maximum current.  6 output relays allow control of There is also a fault/alarm relay for signaling undercurrent or overcurrent conditions with the fan motor, indicating a  problem with operation.  A key panel in the front allows for manual start/stop of the fan(s) and an AUTO-TUNE feature helps you set up motor protection parameters.

On request, a protective coating can be applied to the electronics board for tropical climates.


  • 230VAC input power (7.5VA) – optional 12VAC/DC input power available
  • 1 Input contact to enable remote control
  • 2 FAN input lines – 230VAC, 15A maximum rating
  • Removable rear terminals for easy wiring (except FAN lines)
  • 1 Alarm/Fault output
  • 6 Fan control  outputs – 230VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Output relay capacity – 5A @ 250VAc
  • Alarm LEDs to signal motor undercurrent, overcurrent or overtemp-aux stop
  • Manual start/stop of fan motor via button on front panel