Ventilation and Cooling Fans

Fan cooling allows transformers to withstand higher power than the nominal rating while still maintaining optimum temperature and safety.  Fans are particularly important when integrated into the entire operation.  Therefore it is appropriate to consider the environment where the fan will be located and pay attention to factors that can influence the temperature of the transformer and utilize a variety of factors to help control temperature.  For example:

  • North-South orientation of the largest walls of the transformer room / location to reduce heating from the sun
  • Consider humidity inside the room
  • Keep the room as dust free as possible
  • Keep the area free of corrosive or flammable gasses

In many installations the transformer fan cooling is initiated by the temperature controller, which responds to the temperature of the transformer.  The ventilation of the transformer room is often controlled by a thermostat.  While these two devices work towards the same goal, they are working independently  For optimum air circulation, and ultimately energy savings, the two systems should work together to cool the room/transformer.

To achieve this, Tecsystem offers the VRT series of controllers to control the room ventilation fan, which works in conjunction with their product line of temperature controllers.  Tecsystem also offers a range of fans to provide ventilation if it is not already present.


The VRT200 is equipped with 2 output relays to control ventilation fans, along with with an input contact to enable remote control and 2 inputs to check temperature via a Ptc or auxiliary contact.

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The VRT600 is equipped with 6 output relays to control ventilation fans, along with an input to enable remote control and 2 input lines for a fan.

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TTG Series Fan

The TTG series fans are the smallest in our range of ventilation fans. Air flow from 208m³/hr to 280m³/hr (122ft³/min - 165ft³/min) Power requirements from 43 - 51 Watts.

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TG Series Fan

The TG series fans are the next step up from the TTG series. Air flow from 460m³/hr to 2340m³/hr. (271ft³/min - 1377ft³/min) Power requirements from 75 - 225 Watts.

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BAR Series Fans

The BAR/BARRA series fans are sold in banks of 3 fans to provide even higher air flow. Air flow from 600m³/hr to 3,000m³/hr (353 ft³/min - 1765ft³/min)

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