T154 Temperature Controller

The T154 temperature controller is an electronic microprocessor based unit for the temperature control of low and medium voltage transformers and motors. The T154 is an economical choice to provide temperature control of 3 phase transformer, with a fourth input for the core or ambient temperature.  Featuring a dual display with 3 digits for displaying temperatures, messages and channels, along with 3 LEDs to display the state of the alarms of the selected channels and 2 LEDs to display the state of two separate fans, the T154 ensures high levels of protection to electromagnetic interference and ease of use which have made it the standard for this application.

On request a protective coating can be applied to the electronics board for tropical climates.




  • Temperature monitoring from 0°C to 240°C (32° – 464°F)
  • 24-240VAC-DC input power
  • VDC with reversible polarities
  • Rated for use in ambient temperatures from -20° to +60°C (-4° to 140°F)
  • 4 inputs RTD Pt100 3 wires (Also suitable for Ni100, Ni120, CU10, PT1000 & IR inputs)
  • All potential free output relays rated for up to 10A @ 250VAC
  • 2 alarm relays (Alarm & Trip)
  • 1 alarm relays for fan control
  • 1 alarm relay for sensor fault