Temperature Controllers

For over 15 years, Springer Controls Company has been partnered with Tecsystem of Italy to provide temperature control devices and solutions in the US marketplace.  Temperature controllers are used to monitor the temperature of transformers, motors, generators and drives,  in a wide variety of industries like transportation, oil & gas, maritime, green energy and residential and industrial machinery.

Transformers & Motors

We offer 4, 8, or 12 channel temperature controllers with individual tempeature selection. Transformers and motors are the most commonly monitored, but our range of temperature controllers can be used in nearly any application where a programmable temperature controller is needed to monitor system temperature and output the temperature information in a variety of ways, from ethernet, RS232/485 or simple output relays.

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Oil Filled  / Hermetic Transformers, Lubricant or Cooling Liquid

For monitoring the temperature of liquid or gases, Springer Controls offers several choices

Units are designed for specific applications based on input and output requirements for the type of liquid or gas being monitored and how the temperature can be read.

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Ventilation / Cooling Fans

Springer Controls offers a complete line of forced air cooling fan systems to complement our range of temperature controllers. Adding a cooling fan allows transformers to handle higher rated power while maintaining optimal temperature and ensuring safe, reliable operation. Fans can be purchased individually or as a complete fan kit with thermometric relay controls.

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Sensors & Accessories

Complete your temperature monitoring system with a range of accessories for our temperature controllers.
Junction Boxes for quick sensor connection

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