Panel Mount Signal Lights & Horns

Springer Controls offers a full range of panel mount signal lights and horns to meet your requirements.  From the compact 220 series, and the multi-color 300 series to the larger 180 multi-color and 183 series we have the signaling products you need in stock and ready to ship.  All units feature an ultra-bright LED which is readily visible even in direct sunlight.  Choose your selection based on the size, color and messaging options required.


Series 220 - 30mm (1.2

The Series 220 Panel indicator lamp is designed for panel builders who need a highly visible indicator in a compact space. The 30mm (1.2") diameter allows it to fit into crowded panels and the ultra-bright LED is visible even in direct sunlight.

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Series 300 Multicolor - 30mm (1.2

For panel mount applications requiring multiple colors from a single lamp, the 300 series lights can produce up to 3 different colors from a single lamp allowing for multiple messages to be displayed.

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ECX70 and ECX71 Panel Buzzers

The ECX71 visual and audible signaling device provides loud signaling with visual indication in a compact size.

The ECX70 is an audible signaling device designed for panels with minimal available space.

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Series 180 Multi-color - 60mm (2.4

For larger panels the series 180 multi-color lamp has a 60mm (2.4") diameter and can produce two colors from the same light allowing for two different messages to be displayed.

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Series 183 Panel Mount Dome Lights - 60mm (2.4

The Series 183 dome lights are single color lights that have a 60mm (2.4") diameter and are available with either a 2.4" or 2.75" high dome in a range of colors.

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