Series 370 Modular Stack Lights & Horns

The 370 Series modular stack light has a 70mm diameter (2.75″) combined with ultra-bright LED lamps, making this light visible from distance even in direct sunlight.  The modular system allows for nearly limitless combination of light and audible units stacked.  Gentle pressure with a simple twist allows you to mount or un-mount the lamps from each other, making re-configuration a snap.  Anti-tampering assembly is also available, which requires tools for disassembly.

A single lamp can provide a steady on, flashing or rotating effect, or choose a more economical single function lamp.

Additionally the units are available for 24VDC, 115VAC, or 230VAC input power, and carry an IP64 rating (equivalent to NEMA 4)  (Some audible units are IP54)

Create your own combination by selecting a cap, base, and up to 7 light or audible units.  A variety of mounting options are available including panel mount, wall mount, and pole mount.

Contact Springer Controls and tell us your requirements and we’ll help configure a light for you.

  • 70mm (2.75″) diameter with ultra-bright LED bulbs
  • Up to 7 light/audible units can be combined in a single stack
  • 24VDC, 115VAC, or 230VAC input power available
  • Standard available lamp colors:  Red, Amber, Yellow, Green, Blue, White – Custom colors also!
  • Standard housing colors:  Black & Gray – custom colors available!
  • Polycarbonate construction
  • Rated for -20° to +50°C (-4° to +122°F) ambient temperature
  • Screw clamp terminals for easy connection (1.5mm maximum wire gage)
  • Complies with EN 60204.1; EN 60947.5.1; EN 60073; EN60529; EN 60068.2.6; EN 60068.2.27; EN ISO 7731; EN 981; IEC 536; Directive 2011/65/EC RhOS

Contact us to configure your modular signaling system!