Signaling Devices - Audible Alarms & Alert Lights

Springer Controls Company is the North American distributor for Texelco, an Italian based signal light and audible alarm manufacturer. Our stacking indicating lights and audio units come in several model types. All our signal lights and audible alarms offer a user friendly, fully customizable concept with a large variety of color and sound options.


Assembled Stack Lights

Springer offers a variety of pre-assembled stack lights in many configurations to provide an economical solution for the most common signaling requirements.
Springer offers the unique Multicolor feature allowing up to 4 colors to be displayed by a single lamp. We also have stacks of up to 5 single color lamps together which can be combined with audible signaling modules. We have a range of lamp sizes, and mounting options to suit many applications.

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Custom Modular Stack Lights - Series 370

For those with more unique signaling requirements, the Series 370 is the industry standard for modular stacking lights. It has a 70mm diameter and can stack up to 7 individual light or horn combinations. Additionally the Series 370 can be configured with the revolutionary Multicolor light, which allows four different colors to be displayed from the same signal lamp. We offer custom light & housing colors and a huge selection of mounting options.

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Dome Signaling Lamps & Audible Units

Springer Controls also offers a variety of dome signaling lamps and horns in a range of sizes and colors. Dome signaling lamps are a particularly good choice when only a single light is needed. Bicolor units are available to provide two colors from a single lamp.

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Panel Indicator Lamps & Buzzers

For panel builders with limited space on the enclosure that still need a bright indicator lamp, the 220 Series lamps are the perfect fit. With a compact 30mm diameter, the 220 series uses an ultra-bright LED that is highly visible even in direct sunlight

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Explosion Proof Signal Lights

For hazardous environments, Springer Controls offers a range of signal lights to meet your requirements. Single color and multicolor available.

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