T Series Radio Remote Control

The T Series Radio Remote Control are simple, compact and lightweight transmitters for cranes and bridge cranes.  The T3 is the smallest of the series with 3 actuators, start button and an E-stop.  The T5 has 5 actuators, and the T7 has 7 actuators.  All feature a heavy duty nylon casing that is IP65 rated and resists impact, scratches, oils and acids.  Extreme temperature resistance from -20°C to +70°C (-4° to 158°F) allow the T series of radio remote controls to operate where you need them.  An internal battery provides up to 1,200 hours on a single charge.  An emergency kit can be added to allow operation from standard AA batteries.  Additionally if a problem develops, the patented REMSYS CODE system allows immediate substitution and link-up of a new transmitter to the existing receiver.

Even with the small size, the T series provides plenty of features like being able to change operating frequency, alter the automatic switch-off functions, set the radio output power, enable low power startup and program the auxiliary button functions can all be accomplished using just the transmitter.

We offer 3 different receiver options depending on your requirements.  The RX DIN T7 is for mounting inside your own enclosure.  The RX-T7 is a rugged IP65 rated box suitable for outdoor installations.  The Ecobox is designed to be compact and water tight (IP65).  Directional and high gain antennas are available on request.


  • IP65 rated (dust and water tight)
  • Rugged nylon anti-slip grip
  • Available with 3 (T3), 5 (T5), and 7 (T7) operators
  • Adjustable automatic switch off to preserve battery life
  • Wide buttons allow for operation while wearing safety gloves
  • Rated for ambient temperatures from -20°C to +70°C (-4° to 158°F)
  • 3 different receiver options to meet your requirements