Brick Radio Remote Control

The Brick radio remote control hand held transmitter with shoulder strap is designed for cranes and bridge cranes.  The Brick features a compact, ergonomic and lightweight design with rugged elastomer buttons, and a heavy duty Nylon housing that protects against shock, impact, and is resistant to acids, oils and other chemicals.  Installation is simple with integral LEDs for channel indicators for changing frequency.  The Brick has an automatic off function to preserve battery life, and an option to allow low power start up, as well as a programmable button to further customize the controls.


  • IP65 rating (dust and water tight)
  • Rated for ambient temperatures from -20°C to +70°C (-4° to 158°F)
  • Ergonomic shape with anti-slip grip
  • Automatic switch off after 4 minutes inactivity
  • Available in configurations from 9-12 actuators, plus Start/Stop
  • Patented universal electromagnetic charging, the batteries are charged inductively by simply placing the Brick on the base
  • 20min charge gives 8hrs typical working time


  • Receiver available for DIN rail mount inside electric panel (RX DIN) or in an IP65 water tight case for outdoor installation (RX RubyBox)
  • Operational data storage at receiver (working hrs., total amount start up/shut downs, number of lift or movements) with a display for the data
  • Directional & High gain antennas also available