FOX Rotary Limit Switch Accessories

Full line of accessories including switches and a variety of cams.

SKUItem NameList Price List Price (USD)Price
FCN20001Cams D + D$125.00107.50Unlisted
FCN20002Cams D + E$125.00107.50Unlisted
FCN20003Cams E + E$125.00107.50Unlisted
FCN40001Cams F + F + C + B$200.00172.00Unlisted
FCN40002Cams D + D + D + D$200.00172.00Unlisted
FCN40003Cams D + D + E + E$200.00172.00Unlisted
FCN40004Cams E + E + E + E$200.00172.00Unlisted
FCN40005Cams E + E + E + A$200.00172.00Unlisted
FCN40006Cams D + D + A + A$200.00172.00Unlisted
PA01AA01Yankee HF Encoder$500.00430.00Unlisted
PA01AB01Yankee HF Encoder$500.00430.00Unlisted
PA01AC01Yankee HF Encoder (Pulse Width Modulation)$500.00430.00Unlisted
PA020001Potentiometer MCB 10 kOhm S/BL$1,000.00860.00Unlisted
PA020002Potentiometer MCB 10 kOhm, Mechanical Stop$950.00817.00Unlisted
PA030001Encoder (VV 6500)$1,300.001,118.00Unlisted
PA030002Encoder (VV 6502)$1,300.001,118.00Unlisted
PRGU1500PEHeavy Duty Gasket Only$50.0043.00Unlisted
PRSL0350PIFOX HF EncoderUnlisted
PRSL0919PIMale Coupling w/ Pin$20.0017.20Unlisted
PRSL0981PIFemale Coupling w/ Pin$20.0017.20Unlisted
PRSL5621PICover w/ Standard Gasket$65.0055.90Unlisted
PRSL7121PICam AUnlisted
PRSL7122PICam BUnlisted
PRSL7123PICam CUnlisted
PRSL7124PICam DUnlisted
PRSL7125PICam EUnlisted
PRSL7126PICam FUnlisted
PRSL8051PIFOX Flange$60.0051.60Unlisted
PRTR0150PEFOX Feet$20.0017.20Unlisted