BASE Rotary Limit Switch Accessories

Full line of accessories including switches and a variety of cams.

SKUItem NameList Price List Price (USD)Price
PRFC0004PECCams A + A + A$230.00197.80Unlisted
PRFC0006PECCams B + B + B$230.00197.80Unlisted
PRFC008PECCams A + A$160.00137.60Unlisted
PRFC009PECCams B + B$160.00137.60Unlisted
PRGU1200PEHeavy Duty Gasket$50.0043.00Unlisted
PRSL0911PIPinion Gear M10 Z12 w/ Pin$60.0051.60Unlisted
PRSL0912PIPinion Gear M12 Z10 w/ Pin$60.0051.60Unlisted
PRSL0913PIPinion Gear M14 Z10 w/ Pin$60.0051.60Unlisted
PRSL0914PIPinion Gear M16 Z10 w/ Pin$60.0051.60Unlisted
PRSL0915PIPinion Gear M20 Z8 w/ Pin$60.0051.60Unlisted
PRSL0916PIPinion Gear M5 Z12 w/ Pin$60.0051.60Unlisted
PRSL0917PIPinion Gear M6 Z11 w/ Pin$60.0051.60Unlisted
PRSL0918PIPinion Gear M8 Z12 w/ Pin$60.0051.60Unlisted
PRSL0919PIMale Coupling w/ Pin$20.0017.20Unlisted
PRSL0920PIFemale Coupling w/ Pin$20.0017.20Unlisted
PRSL0944PIPinion Gear M12 Z12 w/ Pin$60.0051.60Unlisted
PRSL5870PICover, 2 Microswitches$65.0055.90Unlisted
PRSL5872PICover, 3 - 4 Microswitches$80.0068.80Unlisted
PRSL7140PICam AUnlisted
PRSL7141PICam BUnlisted
PRSL7142PICam CUnlisted
PRSL7143PICam DUnlisted
PRSL7144PICam EUnlisted
PRTO1075PEAdaptor 8mm to 12mm Shaft$20.0017.20Unlisted