Standard Rotary Gear Limit Switches Type PF2C

PF2C standard limit switches are equipped with 2 snap or slow action switches and with pointed cams (PRSL7140PI). 1:1 to 1:295 speed ratio, 2 micro-switches (snap action or slow break)
Optional potentiometer
IP65 rated
1200 Maximum RPM
12mm input shaft
Weight 1.2 lbs
UL approved
3 amp rated operating current
Non-standard units available, see below.

SKUList Price RatioType of ContactList Price (USD)Price
F5902 0010 0001$520.001:10Snap Action447.2Unlisted
F5902 0010 0004$520.001:10Slow Break447.2Unlisted
F5902 0015 0001$520.001:15Snap Action447.2Unlisted
F5902 0015 0003$520.001:15Slow Break447.2Unlisted
F5902 0020 0002$460.001:20Snap Action395.6Unlisted
F5902 0020 0008$460.001:20Slow Break395.6Unlisted
F5902 0025 0001$460.001:25Snap Action395.6Unlisted
F5902 0025 0003$460.001:25Slow Break395.6Unlisted
F5902 0050 0001$460.001:50Snap Action395.6Unlisted
F5902 0050 0006$460.001:50Slow Break395.6Unlisted
F5902 0075 0001$460.001:75Snap Action395.6Unlisted
F5902 0075 0003$460.001:75Slow Break395.6Unlisted
F5902 0100 0001$460.001:100Snap Action395.6Unlisted
F5902 0100 0002$460.001:100Slow Break395.6Unlisted
F5902 0150 0001$460.001:150Snap Action395.6Unlisted
F5902 0150 0002$460.001:150Slow Break395.6Unlisted
F5902 0200 0001$460.001:200Snap Action395.6Unlisted
F5902 0200 0002$460.001:200Slow Break395.6Unlisted
F5902 0250 0002$460.001:250Snap Action395.6Unlisted
F5902 0250 0003$460.001:250Slow Break395.6Unlisted