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New Mike-D Pendant for Direct Control

Springer Controls in collaboration with TER is pleased to announce the new Mike-D pendant control for direct control of industrial machines. Similar in design and feel of the already popular Mike pendant, the Mike-D has microswitches rated for a whopping 10Amps current, according to IEC unitization categories AC3 and AC4, which allows many motors and… Read more »

Selecting an IEC Motor Starter

This is a detailed guide in selecting the right motor starter for your application.  Let’s start with a quick brush up on the components of a motor starter.  Assembled motor starters consist of a contactor, overload relay mounted in a NEMA 4X rated polycarbonate enclosure. You may refer to our detailed guide on selecting a… Read more »

Contactors vs Relays: What’s the Difference?

There is a lot of confusion around the industry about the difference between contactors and relays and many times the terms are used nearly interchangeably. The defining differences are not always clear, so we thought we’d try and help sort out the answer.

How to Size a Disconnect Switch

A disconnect switch is simply an On/Off switch used to cut power to a piece of equipment or electrical enclosure. In some cases, it can be referred to as a “main switch”. According to IEC/EN60204-1:  applicable for safety of electrical equipment or machinery a manually operated disconnect switch must be provided for every main power… Read more »

Rotary Gear Limit Switch Model Updates

While this is not a new change, there are still quite a lot of older model rotary gear limit switches made by TER and sold by Springer Controls out in the market, so we thought it would be useful to make a post to help customers understand the changes and help transition to the new… Read more »