Wind Turbine Grease Systems

Springer Controls is the exclusive North American distributor for Hove Grease Pumping Systems.

It's all in a suitcase

Hove Refiller   Hove Easy Grease
Hove Refiller   Hove Easy Grease

Our easy greasing concept contains of automatic transportable lubrication pumps, transportable flow distribution systems and special designed large grease cartridges.

Using the Hove Refiller or Hove Easy Grease units provide the following benefits:

  • Less downtime during maintenance -field tests has shown a decrease in time spend on lubrication of minimum 50%.
  • Ensurance of accurate lubrication -fully automatic, only high end technology used within our greasing systems.
  • Less contamination risk -fully closed circuit, from cartridge to connection/greasing point.
  • Lower costs on lubricants -larger amounts::: lower prices.
  • Less muscular stress among technicians -no manual operation required.
  • All Grease types available to fill cartridges, including...
    • Shell
    • Castrol
    • Mobil
    • Kluber
    • Petro-Canada
    • SKF

The lubrication pumps are mounted in heavy duty suitcases for maximum protection. The suitcases are designed for tough handling and are waterproof, which will also protect the lubrication pumps when used offshore.

Though the easy greasing concept originally was designed for the wind turbine industry, it has been found to be of value to all industries where lubricant greases are used including  mining, oil and gas, shipping industries.


Effective dividing the flow of grease from the Easy Grease to the various greasing points on the bearings. Hove A/S customized hose-set after your specifications.

The flow divider we use is a touthwheel-based model with the highest accuracy in outlet volume.



The hove-cartridge comes in two sizes, 3000 ml and 5000 ml. They can be delivered with either full amount or with the specific amount needed. The Hove-cartridges can be filled with all types of grease on the market.

The filling of the Hove-cartridge takes place in our own facility under strict procedure and with a high cleanliness policy to ensure a no-contamination.


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